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The Vice President for Programs works with team members to promote and enhance program opportunities for NAE4-HYDP membership through the formulation of task forces focused on pertinent topics relating to 4-H programs. These working groups develop, facilitate and aggregate approaches to meet the program needs of NAE4-HYDP membership. The Vice President for Programs works with Working Group leadership to guide their efforts in supporting 4-H Youth Professional's program needs, coordinates communications among Working Group leadership, and serves as a liaison for the Working Groups to the NAE4-HYDP Board of Directors. This position works closely with the Vice President of Professional Development, and Conference Committee Chairs to ensure venues of sharing of the work of working team members is included in conference programming.

  • Plan of Work
  • Programs Working Group Chairs
  • Annual Report
  • Program Flyer

Working Groups 

AG Literacy Beth Hecht bhecht@fourhcouncil.edu

After School Cindy Smalley Cindy.Smalley@mail.wvu.edu 

Animal Science Nikola Dalton nmdalton@uidaho.edu

Camping and Environmental Education Creenna Bocksnick cbocksnick@uaex.edu

Civic Engagement Karen Beranek Kberanek@umn.edu Jason Estep Jason.estep@uga.edu

Communication and Expressive Arts Pam Watson pwatson@wsu.edu

Diversity & Inclusion Laura Valencia lauraval@ufl.edu

Geospatial Kim Pond kima@umext.umass.edu

Healthy Living Sonya Jones sonyaj@uga.edu

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Michael Compton mcompton@umn.edu  Dallin Graham Dallin.graham@usu.edu

Shooting Sports Jesse Bocksnick jbocksnick@uaex.edu

Urban Programming Sarah Morefield morefieldsa@missouri.edu Allen Taggart taggart@uidaho.edu

Work Force Development and Career Exploration Melinda Miller mdmiller@uga.edu

Youth Empowerment Sthele Greybar sgreybar@purdue.edu

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