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A Vision for the Future | 2020 NAE4-HA Virtual Conference – FAQ
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Virtual Conference – FAQs

With this being a virtual Conference, why is there still a cost to attend?
Even though the event is virtual, there is still a cost associated with putting on a virtual Conference. There is the cost of the virtual platform, which is nearly equal to the cost of the in-person A&V ($30K), there are the fees for the keynote and capnote speakers and of course there is still overhead costs associated with coordinating a virtual event the magnitude of NAE4-HA. Additionally, the association’s Conference does generate revenue, which goes back into supporting the association. For example: scholarships, awards, maintain low membership dues, and leadership development support through JCEP (ELC and PILD) are all underwritten with proceeds from the Conference.

So, what exactly do I get for my $200?
A registered attendee will have access to the keynote and capnote speakers, the committee/workgroup meetings, visiting with our exhibitors and sponsors and of course sampling a little of Idaho through virtual “Seminars on Wheels”. The best part of the virtual event though is the access to the professional development. The in-person Conference had 124 accepted posters and 120 accepted seminars. The staff and committee are currently working with accepted presenters to determine those willing to upload their posters and pre-recorded sessions. The exact number of each has yet to be determined, but, attendees will have access to far more sessions than they would have had attending in in-person meeting.

How does that work with the posters and pre-recorded sessions?
On the virtual platform there will be two tabs – one for posters and one for the seminar schedule. For the posters, you will be able to access the image of the poster, PDF, abstract, as well as the presenters contact information. For the sessions, presenters are being asked to pre-record their session and then on the day of the event, be available for live Q&A. Each online session description will include all the information that would normally be found in the conference proceedings and the APP. The difference? It will be indexed and searchable. In addition, unlike attending the in-person event, as a registered attendee, you will be able to go back and watch ANY of the sessions that were pre-recorded for an indefinite amount of time.

Yeah, but, $200 seems a lot to pay for a Conference?
Most associations that are transitioning their in-person Conference to a virtual conference are discounting their virtual registrations by about 30%. For our Conference, that would be just over $325. So, if you compare the in-person fee of $475 to the virtual fee, that’s still quite a bargain. Additionally, you will have no travel, no hotel, and no additional meal expenses. This will be a much more affordable conference than usual. A typical in-person Conference could cost between $1500 and $2000.


Attending the Virtual Conference

How will access the platform?
You are going to receive an email from NAE4-HYDP with a link to the Virtual Conference Platform. Once you try to access the page a separate window will pop up asking you for your email address. Make sure you enter the email address that you used to register for the Conference or that you use to receive NAE4-HYDP information.

Once you click enter, you will receive an email from OpenWater with a link to enter the Conference website. If for some reason you don’t receive the email quickly, search your inbox for the following:

  • "Login Link for Your Conference" or "noreply@secure-platform.com"

If you continue to have issues, we will have Live Support on the days of the Conference.

What about accessing sessions?
Once you are on the website, you will see a link in the center of the screen to view the schedule. There will also be the following tabs at the top: Schedule, Exhibitors, Posters, Support and Awards.

To access the schedule, click on schedule and you’ll see tabs for each day of the Conference. Once you find a session you wish to attend, click on the session title and you’ll be taken to the full session page. On the right-hand side of the screen you’ll see a button to join the meeting. You will not be able to join the session prior to the start time.

Can I create my own schedule?
Yes. You can create your own schedule by clicking on the yellow star to the left of the session title. This will add the session to your favorites. Additionally, you can also download a calendar invite. Don’t forget. All of our sessions are in Mountain Time.

What will the seminar and poster sessions experience be like?

Each of our seminar sessions will have a moderator (room host). The sessions are pre-recorded, however, the presenter will be available to be unmuted and communicate through the chat.

For the poster sessions, presenters will have the ability to share their screen to view material and again, they will be unmuted and have the ability to utilize the chat feature.

Event time will be in Mountain Time (US & Canada)

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