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Idaho City: Historic Gold Rush Town

Idaho City was founded in December 1862 as the town of “Bannock” during the Boise Basin gold rush, the largest gold bonanza since the California gold rush a dozen years earlier. This one-hour drive takes you along Lucky Peak dam. Hear about the historical New York Canal and irrigation projects that turned the desert green. The drive up the winding mountain highway brings you to Historical Idaho City. At its peak during the mid-1860s, there were more than 200 businesses in town, including three dozen saloons and two dozen law offices. We will start our tour at the Boise Basin Museum, then a visit to the Pon Yam Chinese Museum, and ending our tour with a walk through the Pioneer Cemetery. Tour includes a box lunch. Approximately 5 hours. Limited extra tickets available for purchase below.

Life Members Please Note: All Seminars on Wheels conflict with the Life Member Idaho City Tour. If you are a Life Member and select this tour, you will not be able to attend any Seminars on Wheels.

Seminars on Wheels

Emblems of the West: The Bureau of Land Management/4-H Mustang Partnership

See living legends of the west and to get up close and personal with wild Idaho Mustangs at the BLM Boise Wild Horse corrals just outside the Boise city limits. Attendees will learn about the management techniques used to control Idaho’s wild mustangs and burros and learn about a unique 4-H program and amazing partnership. Each spring since 2009, 4-H club members have partnered with the BLM to select and take home weanlings (wild horses which are 6-11 months old), so they can begin the process of gentling and training the horses—a key step in the horses’ eventual adoption. The weanling training program is a unique partnership between the BLM and the University of Idaho 4-H Extension Program.  The 4-H youth gain horsemanship experience and add value to these young horses by gentling them and getting them used to being handled, which tends to benefit future adopters.  Following a competitive bid adoption, the 4-H clubs keep proceeds above BLM’s base adoption fee of $25. Since the partnership began in 2009, over 300 wild horses have been adopted into good homes, over 500 4-H members have developed wild horse handling skills and more than $43,000 has been raised for Idaho 4-H Clubs. Idaho is the only state to offer this dynamic program, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2020.

Photo Credit: Idaho Bureau of Land Management


Growing Interest in History, Ecology and Education: the Idaho Botanical Garden

The Idaho Botanical Garden, one of the first and oldest botanical gardens in Idaho, is a lush 15-acre tapestry of dappled shade and vibrant splashes of color. Nestled in the Boise Foothills, it is a sanctuary in the heart of the Old Penitentiary Historic District. The Garden promotes horticulture in the Treasure Valley using native and domestic plants adapted to the intermountain region. The Idaho Botanical Garden is dedicated to enhancing the community’s quality of life through fostering a love of nature and developing intellectual curiosity in people of all ages. Idaho Botanical Garden offers classes, workshops, and lectures designed to meet the needs of the amateur gardener. Over 45 adult classes are held annually, on a wide variety of topics including plant care, paper-making, yoga, composting, low water-use gardening, carnivorous plants, and creating cement leaves. Idaho Botanical Garden offers a variety of educational classes, camps, and school field trips for children of all ages as well. Originally the site of the tree nursery and grounds of the State Penitentiary, the Garden is a living museum. Highlights include the Lewis and Clark Native Plants Interpretive Garden, the Children’s Garden, and the Xeric Firewise Landscape Demonstration area.

Photo Credit: Ariel Agenbroad

Visit the Garden’s website at https://idahobotanicalgarden.org/


Nose to Tail: Inside Idaho’s Cattle Industry

Dairy and beef are big business in Idaho, holding the number one and two spots as our top agricultural industries, respectively. First, gain a history as well as preview of one of Idaho's impressive, vertically integrated beef companies and its supportive relationship with U of I. Then, visualize pulling on your boots for our first stop for the beef side of things in an exclusive tour of the Boise Valley Feeders yard owned by Agri Beef Co., where cattle are fed specifically formulated diets utilizing many of the crops also produced in Idaho. This yard feeds conventional beef cattle as well as specialty American Wagyu cattle. Finally, we'll travel to a progressive dairy to experience facilities and daily operation as well as learn more about the family behind the operation that works to embrace genetic and reproductive technologies in moving into the future.


The Idaho Experience
Who were Idaho's Chinese Immigrants and what is their legacy? How did Idaho become the fourth state to grant women the right to vote? And who exactly was Idaho’s first Potato King?

Photo Credit: University of Idaho Archives

Find answers to these questions and more through Idaho Public Television’s engaging Idaho Experience series: https://www.idahoptv.org/shows/idahoexperience/

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