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JCEP Performance Review

Monday, May 20, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Tony Carrell, President
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NAE4-HA Association Self Review Summary

At the 2019 JCEP Extension Leadership Conference, NAE4-HA took the opportunity to do a review of the Association. 16 questions were asked in small groups, which were led by the Regional Directors. A summary of the feedback is presented here.

  • Feedback from membership regarding their return on investment of members:
    • Helps with promotion/rank/tenure o Teaching/presenting at national conference 
    • The Profession’s greatest need met by NAE4-H are networking with other Youth Development staff and the professional development. 
  • As far as addressing needs, NAE4-HA could improve on communication (email challenges) as well as engagement beyond the annual conference. 
  • Reasons people are not joining NAE4-HA include how the state Association is functioning and questioning the value if they are not attending conference as well as not seeing connections in their work. 
  • When asked how current working groups are meeting professional development needs it was stated that connecting work to webinars is appreciated, but not all states have a connection to a working group so don’t know what the ongoing work is. 
  • Monthly webinars are good but reminders prompted on social media would be helpful and people would like to know how to do a webinar proposal. 
  • The “enews” communication tool is helpful but should be used to information more frequently and shouldn’t send people to another website to log in to learn more. 
  • The current awards structure using Open Waters has been a good resource and the awards are an important for University recognition. There is work to be done on promoting awards and the recipients. 
  • The board is working to develop national partners and relationships and the value and impact of these relationships is not always understood by members so communication is key. 
  • The NAE4-HA Conference provides valuable professional development in the form of workshops and seminars as well as many working groups. The challenge is how to get information to people who don’t attend conference. 
    • Concerns or challenges to address include the length of the conference and providing opportunities for people who do not provide direct programming in their work (such as Administrators). 
  • A possibility of collecting dues at the National Association Office vs State Association received many suggestions the board will continue to explore. Credit card fees, tracking of payments and returning money to states for state dues are some challenges to explore. 
  • The Executive Management Company (Capitol Hill Management) provides the management for NAE4-HA. This includes financial accounts, website management and conference details. They are contracted by NAE4-HA and members wish to better understand their role and connection.

82% of members responding during the JCEP Extension Leadership Conference said NAE4-HA is effective as an Association.

National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals


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