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September 2017

Friday, September 1, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Rebecca Thomas
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NAE4-HA Conference
November 12-17

In This Issue...

  • Professional Development Committee News

  • HOLD 3rd Wednesdays of each month for NAE4-HA Webinars

  • JYD – Publication Committee Members Sought

  • National 4-H Headquarters Professional Development E-Academy 

  • NAE4-HA Board Member Spotlight

  • 2018 JCEP Leadership Conference, Call for Proposals

  • Reinvent yourself at the 2018 Conference in Ohio

Professional Development Committee News

Submitted by Lacy Mann, Colorado State University, Professional Development Committee Chair

The focus of the Teaching and Learning Task Force is to provide professional development opportunities in the areas of teaching instruction and applied learning theories for NAE4-HA Members. Educations experts agree that three criteria of learning exists: (1) Learning involves change, (2) Learning endures over time, and (3) Learning occurs through experience. This year, the Teaching & Learning Task Force will be writing monthly articles as an Extension of our task force to the NAE4-HA members. For further information or questions, contact Matt Benge, mattbenge@ufl.edu

Submitted by Kasey Hall, Chair of the Balancing Work & Family Task Force of the Professional Development Committee
"Everyone procrastinates. The difference between high performers and low performers is largely determined by what they choose to procrastinate on." This quote by personal success coach Brian Tracy can really cause us to evaluate how we are spending our 24 hours each day. He suggests that we “eat that frog!” Mark Twain once said that “If the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is to eat a live frog, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that’s probably the worst thing that’s going to happen to you all day long.” With this thought in mind, Tracy urges us to consider what is the biggest task on our, “To-do list” and then decide to tackle it first. Maybe you have more than one “frog” on your list? Pick the ugliest or the worst one first. Which one will make the most difference for you in your work once it’s done? Which one are you most likely to put off as long as you can? That’s your ugliest frog. Once you get into the habit of tackling the worst first and eating that frog, you may soon find that your entire day will flow much better, you can start managing your 24 hours more effectively and ultimately get more done.

NAE4-HA Webinar Sessions

3rd Wednesdays of Each Month!
Hold these dates on your calendars each month and engage in this NAE4-HA member benefit. You must register to receive log-in information for each session

• September 20, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. EST
• October 18, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. EST

NAE4-HA Professional Development Presenter Form
As a potential speaker please complete the Professional Development Presentation Submission Form
Check out the archives!



The Journal of Youth Development (JYD) is the official journal of NAE4-HA, now published in partnership with the National Afterschool Association (NAA). As the founding organization, NAE4-HA retains 51% membership on the JYD Publications Committee. New 3-year terms begin in the fall, and we are looking for some NAE4-HA members to join the committee. The commitment includes:

• Quarterly conference calls (90 minutes)
• Some ad-hoc committee membership (e. g. marketing, or special issue committees)
• Promoting the journal to others
• Inviting authors to submit manuscripts for publication
• Representing the interests of NAE4-HA to the publications committee

The time commitment is not great, and the input that you will provide is so very important. This is a wonderful way to support the journal, learn more about publishing, and network with other PYD practitioners! You do not need to have extensive publishing experience, just a desire to contribute to the direction of the journal!

Just say YES! and contact Mary Arnold, JYD Publications Committee Co-chair at mary.arnold@oregonstate.edu

Join the 4-H system for the 2017 Professional Development E-Academy, The Role of Diversity and Inclusion in Positive Youth Development. The focus will be on engaging diverse youth and understanding the social issues they face. There will be ten one hour online sessions spread out from October 2 to October 23. You can get more information and register for the free sessions at 2017 E-academy Registration.

The target audience is 4-H field faculty but all positive youth development professionals are welcome to participate. The 2017 E-Academy is brought to you by 4-H National Headquarters in partnership with National 4-H Council and the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents.

NAE4-HA Board Member Spotlights

Meet a few of our board members and find out what they enjoy about our association, 
while getting to know them a little better.

Jamie Davis

Western Senior Region Director of Communications 


Home Land-grant University / Organization: Oregon State University

Brief employment / work history: I have served as the 4-H Youth Development and Family Community Health Extension Agent for the Lake County Extension Service since 2006.

What do you enjoy most about your envolvement in NAE4-HA? I have enjoyed growing my professional network, meeting new colleagues in the West and supporting the 4-H youth devlopment profession. I have developed some incredible friendships that I’m truly thankful for while serving in this role.

What is your favorite movie? My favorite movie of all times is “The Game”.

What is your favortie past-time or hobby? I enjoy sharing new experiences with my daughter Morgan, who is 9 years old. We spent the winter at our local ski hill. In the summer, we paddle board, kayak, swim and camp. I’m an avid hiker, backpacker and wannabe world traveler.

What is one of your favorite quotes? “Adventure my hurt you, but monotony will kill you.”

If you were not working with Extension, what would you be doing? My goal for retirement is to be a volunteer zipline or high ropes instructor!


Suzanne Ault Boarts

Northeast Senior Region Director


Home Land-grant University / Organization: Pennsylvania State University

Brief employment / work history: I have worked for the past 19 years with Penn State Extension as the 4-H Educator, also served as a County Extension Director for five years. Prior to my 4-H position, I worked as a County Recreation Director for ten years as the overall administrator for an indoor ice rink, outdoor swimming pool, campground and county recreation programs. In my early years after college, I served as the Southeast March of Dimes Education Coordinator. Responsible for seven southeast states as their education volunteer and staff trainer. Spent one year at the Pittsburgh Pirates as a Media Coordinator (prior to computers!)

What do you enjoy most about your envolvement in NAE4-HA? As a regional director I have been able to get a better understanding of the organization as a whole and the hard work all the officers have put into their efforts to include everyone in the organization. The strategic plan was an intensive project to make sure everyone felt they had a voice in the organization. Together we can continue to improve the communication lines and make each individual member a part of the whole. The efforts of the officers opened my eyes and gave me a greater appreciation for NAE4-HA and the never ending projects that are accomplished.

What’s your favorite movie and television show? “This Is Us” is my favorite television show. It makes me cry every week. “August Rush” is one of my favorite movies. I love movies so it’s hard to pick one. I can always watch a Disney movie!

What is your favortie past-time or hobby? Gardening, I always tell my husband it’s my therapy!

Please share one of your favorite quotes: “I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show, let me do it now. For I may not pass this way again.”

If you were not working with Extension, what would you be doing? I would probably be teaching crafts to children.


Cheryl Newberry

Southern Region Senior Director

Home Land-grant University / Organization: Oklahoma State University/Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service

Brief employment / work history: 22 years with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension as an agent (9 years) and 4-H Specialist (13 years). Joined Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service in 2011 as the District Program Specialist—4-H in the Southeast District.

What do you enjoy most about your envolvement in NAE4-HA? I’ve been involved in the Association for 27 years and been engaged in National Committees in the past. However, the past two years on the Board as a Regional Director has really opened my eyes to the complex work our Association does. My favorite thing about being an RD is the state visits and meeting members from other states. It is a great opportunity for me to learn and find things I might be able to bring back to my state (programming ideas) and to the Board. Getting to know the Board has been a great experience as well.

What’s your favorite movie and television show? My favorite movie is Steel Magnolias and my favorite television show is Grey’s Anatomy.

What is your favortie past-time or hobby? Scrapbooking/Card Making and Quilting

Please share one of your favorite quotes: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”- Maya Angelou

If you were not working with Extension, what would you be doing? I would probably be teaching but I hope one day to work for a travel agency!

2018 JCEP Leadership Conference

Sponsored by Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP)
DoubleTree by Hilton – Orlando, Florida February 14-15, 2018
“Balancing Tradition with Innovation”

Request for Proposals is now open!

Please consider submitting an abstract for a presentation or poster at this time.
The Due Date for Concurrent Leadership Development Sessions is September 15, 2017. Please see attachment or go to http://jcep.org for details.

Track topics include:

1) Balancing Tradition with Innovation
2) Engaging in Civil Dialogue
3) Effectively Communicating Impact
4) Attracting and Retaining a Nimble Innovative Workforce and Volunteers.

The poster session theme is “Identifying and Responding to Emerging Issues”
Our keynote speaker is Dave Mitchell: http://www.theleadershipdifference.com/.


Please plan to “Re-Invent Yourself” at the 2018 NAE4-HA Conference in Columbus, Ohio, October 7-11

Some things to look forward to are:
• Newly renovated hotel and conference center
• Budget friendly hotel rate – $169/night at Hyatt Regency
• Lots of unique food and shopping within walking distance
• Numerous State’s Night Out options within blocks
• Free transport from airport to downtown
• Free bus system in downtown Columbus
• Tours on Wheels that will include the Columbus Zoo and other great attractions.
• Opening event at the Center of Science and Industry
• Dynamic Speakers
• And exceptional presentations by colleagues from around the US

Please plan to visit the booth at the 2017 NAE4-HA Conference in Indy, and watch for our invite during Regional Breakfasts.



2017 NAE4-HA Conference
November 12-17



Conference Schedule




This edition of e-news was brought to you by the 2016-2017 NAE4-HA Board of Directors
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