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JCEP Request for Proposals for Presentations​

Wednesday, October 14, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: JCEP PILD Conference
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The Joint Council of Extension Professionals’ Public Issues Leadership Development  Conference (PILD) brings together Extension professionals, and volunteers to learn how  to communicate Extension’s value, increase understanding of our federal partnerships,  and build experience and confidence in engaging with elected officials. 

Mission: Enhance education and advocacy skills to positively affect federal, state, and local  resources available for Cooperative Extension. 


1. Broaden understanding of how public policy issues that impact Extension and  Extension clientele are funded. 

2. Empower extension volunteers and professionals to be engaged leaders on public  issues broadening participants understanding of the national Extension system and  directly engaging in the political process.  

3. Learn how changing political environments at the state and national level affect the  Extension system. 

4. Build the skills and confidence of every individual to be effective representatives of  Extension to decision makers at all levels of government and community leadership.  5. Grow support for Extension through a targeted day of congressional engagement. 

Theme: Communicating Success : Building for the Future 

Call for Abstracts 

As Extension professionals, we pride ourselves on the ability to adapt and meet challenges  head on, but the pandemics and recent spate of natural and social disasters have tested  even the most flexible among us. To meet this moment, the PILD Planning Committee is  seeking abstracts from Extension Professionals who have demonstrated to local, state, or  national decision makers the impact of Extension’s response to critical public issues such as  COVID19 and natural disasters.  

“How did you communicate the actions, impacts, and results of your program to decision  makers?” “How did you build buy in from community leaders?” “What tools did you use to  share your program’s successes and how did that result in increased support from the LGU,  county, region, or state?” 

We are looking for presentations that highlight successful models of Extension advocacy  and decision maker education at the community, state or national levels. Presentations  should also included how these models can be readily replicated in other places.  

Please note that these sessions are NOT program reports but a presentation about  HOW you communicated with your decision maker(s).  

Proposal Requirements Types of Presentations

Presentation title (limit of 160 characters) 

Abstract (3200 characters maximum)

Description of presentation for the conference program (1200 characters) Author(s) Biography (max of 3 bios totaling 2400 characters)

Three take away messages – how will participant benefit from this class (1200 characters)

Additional Guidelines and Information:

All proposals must be submitted electronically by midnight (PST) on November 30, 2020  via the submission link at the bottom of this page. 

Current membership in one of the JCEP professional organizations is required for  proposal consideration. 

Applicants will be notified of selection by December 31, 2020. 

Presentations are limited to 45 minutes including Q & A. 

Session presenters will be provided with a laptop, projector and screen; presentations are  preloaded onto projecting equipment prior to the conference. All visual aids must be  provided in PowerPoint format. PowerPoint presentations and handouts for chosen  proposals will be due by March 20, 2021 to jcepoffice@jcep.org 

In the case of a virtual conference, individual real-time internet or computer audio support  will not be provided. 

Evaluation and Review Process 

All abstracts will receive a blind peer-review by an all-association review committee. Criteria WT Topic addresses the mission of the PILD Conference 25% Unique or creative approach that is relevant to Extension advocacy 25% 

Demonstrates how the value and impacts were communicated to decision  makers


Shows relevance to current PILD theme 10% Demonstrates how replication is possible 10% Application well written, and accurately completed 10% 

Sponsored by: JCEP – Joint Council of Extension  

Professionals For conference details, visit  jcep.org


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