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News & Press: Life Member

Life Member Newsletter - Aug 2020

Sunday, August 2, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Tom Davis, NY, Life Member Newsletter Editor
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2020 NAE4-HA Conference Virtual

Only! Oct. 19-22


In This Issue...

  • From Your NAE4-HYDP President, Kia Harries
  • From Your Life Member Committee Chairperson, Glenda Booker
  • 2020 NAE4-HA Conference, Idaho, Life Member Program Update, Mary Jean Craig & Linda Webb
  • Next NAE4-HYDP Conference Dates and Locations 
  • From our Archivist, Betty Gottler
  • What are Life Members Up to? Mike Klumpp
  • Examples of What 4-H is doing during the COVID 19 outbreak


From NAE4-HYDP President, Kia Harries


The only constant in life is change. If you are anything like me, you find that change brings about feelings of discomfort. I know it brings growth and opportunity, but I don't really like to be uncomfortable. There are lots of quotes about change and wisdom and how you grow from it. I am finding that I like those quotes and I am even liking change (just not big changes or really fast changes!) I usually move at a pretty fast pace and I don't always take time to smell the roses. COVID has allowed me time to sit in the yard in the evening and listen to the sounds of nature and visit with my neighbors as they walk by. That change has been appreciated.


Other changes take time to accept or adjust to. The change of the association name from the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents (NAE4-HA) to the National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals (NAE4-HYDP) has been a good change - but it has taken me a while to get used to saying it. The decision to make the 2020 NAE4-HYDP Conference virtual instead of in-person in Boise, Idaho has been a difficult change to accept as the professional development experience and seeing colleagues from across the country is something I look forward to and enjoy each fall. It is really about putting the changes into context. The NAE4-HYDP Board is made up of "change agents." They see possibilities and put them into action and make a difference. 


When I look at changes individually, I can see the opportunity and possibility. If I look at change as a great big problem or issue, I can get overwhelmed pretty quickly. I know we've each seen and experienced plenty of changes and figured out how to best move forward in the midst of change. I'm working hard to look at change in a new way. It's always going to be there so I am learning to approach it as an opportunity and to look for the possibilities that exist. I hope you are dealing with the changes today in ways that allow you to find the pieces you can adjust to and make the most of the situation. 



From Your Life Member Committee Chairperson, Glenda Booker, Tennessee


I hope each of you and the members of your family are well. These are unusual days, with many concerns and questions. Even though I can remember SARs (also Eboli and the Swine Flu), I do not remember a time quite like this. What I do remember though, is worrying about how I was going to get my third sugar cube. You know, the one containing the Sabin polio vaccine. I would be leaving for my freshman year of college soon, and my last dose of the vaccine would be available that fall. What will my great nephew and niece remember about 2020 (and possibly 2021)?


I am confident that you have heard about the change in this year’s National Conference. Included in this newsletter are articles from President Kia Harries and the Idaho Committee’s Life Member Events Co-Chairs Mary Jean Craig and Linda Webb. Please read each carefully. We are due to have a National Board Conference Call in the near future. If you have questions (or wish to express concerns). 

  I will be glad to express them during that call. 


Members of our committee’s Leadership Team have provided articles about their activities during this time of many changes and cancellations. I am still trying to get repairs on my house completed, and move back home! Nough said!!!


Celebration of Life (also from Glenda)

In the near future I will begin contacting State Leadership to compile our list for this year’s Celebration of Life. If you are aware of a Life Member in your state that has died since the end of the 2019 conference, please send that information to me.  


Many of the State Presidents do not know all of their state’s Life Members; nor have an idea of family members who could provide information.  This is another reason why we need a contact in each state.



2020 NAE4-HA Conference Update – Virtual Only – Boise, Idaho, Mary Jean Craig and Linda Webb, Co-chairs Life Member program


As you have heard by now, the 2020 NAE4-HA Conference will be virtual only. While we are disappointed that you will not be able to experience Idaho in person, we are working hard to provide a quality virtual program. We are still working on the schedule, but many of the events will still be offered. Registration fee for Life members is $99. Registration will reopen on August 1. Seminars, business meetings, speakers, etc. will be recorded and will be available to be viewed for several months after the conference. We had planned a tour for Life Members to Historic Idaho City. Instead, we plan to provide a link to a program produced by Idaho Public Television’s Outdoor Idaho, “Gold Rush Days and Ghost Towns,” which will allow you to learn about Idaho’s rich history of gold and silver mining, including a segment on Idaho City. We encourage you to participate in the Business Meeting and Life Member Seminar and Committee Meeting on Tuesday. We plan to still have a presentation from AARP about services AARP offers, followed by a committee meeting. We had planned an Idaho Baked Potato Bar for lunch that day, so bake yourself a potato, pile on the toppings and eat lunch as you participate in the seminar. You may even win a door prize! Please let us know if you are interested in participating in the seminar ( mjcraig@uidaho.edu gkbooker2@gmail.com ).


A preliminary schedule follows:


Tuesday, October 20th

Business Meeting –  (including Life Member Award & Celebration of Life) 

Keynote Speaker  – Kristin Armstrong 

Life Member Seminar ( presentation from Idaho AARP about what AARP has to offer retirees, such as travel help and classes )

Life Member Committee Meeting

Seminars and Poster Sessions


Wednesday, October 21st

Regional Meetings/Gatherings

Business Meeting

Virtual Life Member Tour - G old Rush Days and Ghost Towns

Seminars and Poster Sessions 

Awards Celebration


Thursday, October 22nd

Business Meeting

Capnote Speaker –  Lazarus Lynch  

Seminars and Poster Sessions


We hope you will join us virtually for the 2020 NAE4-HA Virtual Conference, “A Vision for the Future.”


Next NAE4-HYDP Conference Dates and Locations

2021 Memphis, Tennessee, Nov. 16-18 (75th Anniversary of NAE4-HYDP)

- 2022 Madison, Wisconsin, Oct. 10-13



From Our NAE4HYDP Archivist, Betty Gottler, Alabama


Our Beginnings as a 4-H Professional Organization


This year will be one that we remember impacting the 4-H program and professionals. We have learned new ways to teach, reach the youth audience and keep the 4-H program visible. As the premier youth professional organization, we have seen many changes. Can you remember……


Our Beginning

December 3, 1945, Union League Club of Chicago

“It was moved by Mr. Olson and seconded by Mrs. Thayer that we proceed with the formation of a national organization of 4-H club agents. Carried.” (2:10 p.m.)


Name Changes

1946 – National Association of 4-H Club Agents

1956 – National Association of County 4-H Club Agents

1966 – National Association of Extension 4-H Agents

2019 – National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals


Name Changes of “The Official Publication”

1948 – National County Club Agent

1960 – N.A.C.C.A. News

1961 – The 4-H Youth Worker

1968 – N.A.E.A. News and Views


2010 – The Pulse (digital copy to email address)


Dues in 1946  were $2.00 per member. State membership was encouraged. State dues ranged from $1.00 to $3.00.


Membership Growth

Initially enrolled…100 – 125

1967… over 500

1971… over 1000

1973… over 1500

2019… 4374


Anniversary Conferences

1946 – First held In Chicago IL at National 4-H Congress

1956 – 10th Anniversary held in Chicago, IL

1971 – 25th Anniversary held in Atlantic City NJ

1986 – 40th Anniversary held in Hershey PA

1996 – 50th Anniversary held in Grand Rapids MI

2006 – 60th Anniversary held in Milwaukee WI


Are you interested in more fun facts about our association? Stay-tuned for the next issue of Life Member News. Looking forward to a great conference next year as celebrate 75 years in Memphis, TN. Hope to see you there.



What are our Life Members doing with Themselves? Mike Klumpp, Oklahoma


Hope everyone is staying safe out there. Things are certainly different with the Klumpp household since March. We are all staying busy though. My wife Cynthia retired from her Oklahoma State University Extension position as Logan County Director-FCS and 4-H the first of March. She has been busy working with her flower gardens, our vegetable garden and also sewing. She has made lots of masks. I’m still working part time for The Children’s Center Hospital coordinating our ATV Ride Safe Oklahoma youth and adult ATV safety program. Had 32 school based educational programs that were canceled in April and May, but we hope to reschedule those this coming school year. Spent June conducting several hands-on ATV Safety Institute ATV Rider Course programs for the Tulsa Boy Scout Council at their High Adventure Z Base facility outside of Tulsa, OK. We had a blast. At the farm we planted 125 acres of corn in April, worked cattle in May and finished up our wheat harvest on June 11th. We averaged 56 bushels per acre. Best in several years. My 89 year old Dad is still farming full time. Our daughter Elizabeth is now a senior at Oklahoma State University and will finish her engineering degree in May 2021. She has an Engineering internship with a firm in our home town of Edmond this summer and lives with us during the week. They sure grow up fast.  Pat McNally and I are chairing the NAE4-HYDP 75th Anniversary Celebration Committee for our 2021 national meeting in Memphis.  We were planning to kick off and market this celebration in Boise this fall. We are in the process of rethinking our plans at this time. We hope everyone is safe/well and look forward to seeing everyone again in Memphis. I’m headed to Arkansas tomorrow for our July University of Arkansas 4-H Foundation Board meeting at the Arkansas 4-H Center in Little Rock. Be careful and stay safe out there.



4-H in a World of COVID 19 - chapter 1 – Glenda Booker, Tennessee 


I was so excited thinking that I would be able to attend/assist with 4-H events/activities again (after having to miss so many as a result of my fall, etc.). Spring Workshop for our Performing Arts Troupe went well, and we were preparing for State 4-H Congress.  Then ………

What has 4-H been like in your County/Parrish? If you are aware of the changes, postponements, cancellations and/or virtual events; please send me a paragraph or two so that I can share with other members in our next newsletter.  Hope to see many emails about this by end of August!  Thanks in advance for this information.  gkbooker2@gmail.com


 I have asked our newly appointed Director and State Program Leader, Justin Crowe, to share a little of what is happening in Tennessee.


From Justin Crowe, Innovation at its finest in Tennessee!      

I believe that our 4-H agents have always been innovative. Over the last 110 years, the 4-H program has undergone many changes. Our activities and events have evolved. We have grown and changed with the times to ensure that we meet the needs of our clientele. Most recently, with 4-H agents and program assistants working remotely, these staff members, along with our regional and state staff members, have been pushed outside of their box and be creative in their program delivery. Summer programming has been a real success, with videos being produced and virtual contests and activities happening on a regular basis.


Our 4-H agents have developed online contests, such as the 4-H “chopped” challenge where 4-H members are creating meals at home, sidewalk art contests, and virtual wildlife judging competition, just to name a few. Other 4-H agents are offering virtual 4-H camp, where 4-H members still get to sing camp songs, make s’mores, and, of course, participate in the beloved 4-H dance. Tennessee 4-H agents are meeting young people where they are – at home.


   In a few short days, many schools will re-open. Tennessee 4-H agents are concerned. They miss their 4-H members and the interaction they normally have with them. We have a statewide team that is working on this. We know that classroom teachers are stressed about keeping themselves and their students safe and are not sure what the 4-H program will look like in their classroom. Our 4-H staff is, once again, pushing themselves to be innovative in how they propose we best serve our 4-H members this fall. We will get there and perhaps come out of this better than ever.  



4-H in a World of COVID 19 - chapter 2 – Joe Yedlik, Utah


Great Jones County Fair uses live streaming of their livestock shows

The 168th Annual Great Jones County Fair in Monticello, Iowa, wasn’t cancelled. It was modified. The Fair eliminated the concerts, the carnival, the food court, the commercial vendors and all other segments except the 4-H and FFA livestock and static exhibits. Those youth events were only open to the 4-H/FFA youth and their immediate family members. The Fair was closed to the public. Therefore, the Fair generated a live streaming of the livestock shows on the Jones County, Iowa 4-H Facebook page. Also, in an effort to protect the health and well being of those associated with the shows, the Fair was extended from five days to a total of nine days. This allowed each individual species to have its own show-and-go timeslot.



4-H in a World of COVID 19 - chapter 3 – Some Examples of Innovation in NY, Tom Davis, NY


Just like in many of your states all our “standard” county fairs and our State Fair were cancelled in NY so youth development innovation certainly has to come to the forefront.


4-H Camp Beechwood Keeps Kids Connected


Counselors and staff at 4-H Camp Beechwood, run by the Wayne County 4-H Youth Development program, worked together to provide a safe camp experience for all by offering  4-H Camp Beechwood: Operation Camp from Home . With a continued emphasis on environmental education and social/emotional wellbeing, 30 campers experienced an alternative camp experience the week of July 6, that  incorporated camp favorites like opening and closing circles, cabin time with a counselor, guest presenters, and recreation activities, along with a daily video introduction to different aspects of Beechwood State Park .


Orange County Project Evaluation and Exhibition


Orange County actually had 4-Hers bring static projects for evaluation before a judge for regular ribbons plus a special participation ribbon to recognize this challenging time. They followed all state protocols for masks, handwashing and social distancing. 

  Youth were scheduled to limit the number of people on the fairgrounds at one time. A special viewing period was also set up for 4-H families, again on a scheduled basis.   


4-H Camp Shankitunk packages "Camp in a Box"


4-H Camp Shankitunk is  reimagining summer 2020 through the Camp in a Box Program . There are five themed boxes to chose from including Crafts, Nature, Science/STEM, Classic, and Cloverbud (ages 5-8) with 10+ hours of programming for a single youth to enjoy.


Cayuga County Virtual Fair


In place of an in-person youth fair, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Cayuga County is offering 4-H participants the opportunity to showcase their projects virtually. 4-H members will submit videos or photos of the projects they were planning on taking to the fair. The competitions will be judged based on the same standards as the County Fair. A special slideshow will be released with all the projects and animals entered in the Virtual Fair. Starting in July, we will be showcasing our amazing youth on the Cayuga County CCE Facebook page in our Faces of the Fair profiles. 


Genesee County Online Market Animal Auction


 The 2020 Genesee County 4-H Market Animal Auction will be held online. The sale will feature high quality meat animal projects raised by local Genesee County 4-H youth. This year’s sale features approximately 40 meat chicken pairs, 14 goats, 14 lambs, 1 dairy steer, 14 beef steers and 37 hogs. Meat chickens will be sold as a pair of processed chickens while all other animals will be sold live, by the pound.


Retirement's Highways and Byways 


Editors Note We know some of you have had some terrific travel experiences out there….camping, amusement parks, cross country journeys and national parks! How about you share with us your secrets, tips and suggestions! Articles don’t have to be long! Please send them to Tom Davis,  htd2@cornell.edu .


Interested in Supporting the Life Member Award?


When we present the Life Member Award at the National Conference we also give the winner a check for $500 to help cover their expenses of attending the conference. Each year we have supported this award with donations from life members. Interested? Tax deductible donation checks can be made out to: NAE4HA Activity Fund, attention: Betty Johnson, National 4-H Council, 7100 Connecticut Ave., Chevy Chase, MD, 20815 and in the memo section put: NAE4HA Life Member Award donation.


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We would very much like you to update your profile on  https://www.nae4hydp.org/. This will particularly help us with communication efforts. Visit https://www.nae4hydp.org/login.aspx and enter your username/email address and password. From there, you will be taken to your profile where you can updated all your personal and professional information. If you have have forgotten your password and would like a reset you can do so here https://www.nae4hydp.org/login.aspx for any other issues  email  nae4ha@nae4ha.com  for assistance.

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